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I have been in residential sales for nearly 20 years and have had many building reports done by Enell Services by Arthur Coffey, Neil Willcox and find them all extremely thorough and helpful with their inspections and reports for the purchaser.

They are all reliable and obliging and go the extra mile for their client the purchaser, and work in extremely well with me as a real estate agent and both the vendor and the purchaser to have the inspection and written report done in sometimes a very short timeframe for the solicitor to address the builder’s clause in the contract.

I would highly recommend Enell Services if looking for a building inspection to be done on a home you may be thinking of purchasing.

Enell are more than happy to have the purchaser on site while they do the inspection so they can explain as they go, so the purchaser is fully aware of any issues or how to maintain the home.

I am also on site with ENELL while the inspection takes place along with the purchaser/purchasers.

They come very highly recommended by both Ces Devereux and myself Sue Gill-Devereux. Lugtons Real Estate, Hamilton.

Sue Gill-Devereux
Lugtons Real Estate, Hamilton.
December 2014

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