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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging for Detecting Defects

The gallery below shows our thermal imaging techniques to detect defects beyond what the eye can see – ensuring you are the best informed for your decision making process.

Thermal imaging of a property can help with any inspection by quickly identifying any hot or cold spots in the structure that require further investigation. This is often used in conjunction with a moisture meter which will be used to confirm if there is an issue that needs further invasive investigation.
Thermal Imaging Report
Master bedroom northern wall above window.
Thermal Imaging Report nz
This could be moved or sagging insulation.
Thermal Imaging inspection
Master bedroom east wall window.
thermal imaging inspection
Normal with no defects noted.
Pre Purchase Building Inspection
Deterioration to the joint of the timber sill was noted, this could be caused by a workmanship issue or condensation from the window frame. No moisture ingress was present on the day of inspection.
pre purchase house inspection
Middle bedroom upper level, west wall.
building warrant of fitness
The dark areas in the second picture could be moved or sagging insulation in the roof area hence the thermal variation.
Middle level above exterior door in music room.
Pre Purchase Property Inspection
It appears there may be no insulation present above the door.
Pre Purchase Property Inspection
North western corner music room.
Normal with no defects.
Above exterior door to deck area north side.
The darker could be moved or sagging insulation in the roof area.
Exterior wall .Bathroom window heat escaping open window.
Building Inspection Hamilton
Normal with no defects.
Building Inspection Services
Lower floor north east bedroom under window.
Waikato Building Reports
Normal with no defects.
Pre Purchase Inspection
Exterior south wall.
Pre Purchase Building Inspection
Normal with no defects.
pre purchase home inspection
Exterior north wall soffit.
property inspection reports
Normal with no defects.
building reports

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