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Building Inspections

Buying a new house can be an exciting time but, more often than not the decision on the purchase is based on location and suitability for your lifestyle rather than the structure or inner workings of a property. This is where Enell Inspections can help, we carry out professional fully comprehensive pre-purchase house inspections to make sure your dream home does not come with costly repair expenses once you move in.

As a buyer, you want the peace of mind that the property is in safe working order, as a seller you can instil confidence in your property by supplying proof that the house is not hiding any secrets. With a pre-purchase building inspection, all parties involved with house sale can feel confident in the house sale/purchase procedure.

House inspections are carried out with thorough, non-invasive, visual inspections of the interior and exterior of the property. We do our best to ensure there are no hidden surprises when you move in paying attention to all areas of the home including the condition of the Roof and Guttering, Roof framing, Insulation, Bathrooms and Ensuite, Shower, Windows, Doors, Cladding, the Sub-floor and more. We look for any signs of moisture ingress into the dwelling with non-invasive moisture meters. Once complete, you will receive a detailed building inspection report within 2 working days.


Why do you need a Pre Purchase Inspection?

Purchasing a house is a large investment and so it is important to know what you are buying. Our inspections include structural integrity and moisture detection, helping to eliminate any costly surprises in the future.

Moisture Testing

Potential areas of water leakage are tested with a non-invasive moisture meter. We have years of building experience giving us invaluable insights into where to look for faults and what signs to expect.

A good pre – purchase agreement makes buying or selling a house easier. Purchasers are not necessarily concerned about a little cost of repair, but they often have a fear of the unknown.
Our building consultants are well qualified to assess and advise on all aspects of weather tightness and/or cladding and structure.

Our experienced inspectors will look over the building from the bottom to the top and assess:

Finished ground levels around the dwelling

(We are checking to ensure that the ground level against the cladding is not to high. For Masonry veneered houses (brick, plaster, plaster over brick, Air-rated concrete) the ground levels should be 150 mm below the floor level when the surface is not hard (dirt, grass, stones etc).

When it is hard (concrete) the level is 100 mm. For claddings that are not Masonary (everything else) the levels are 225 for non hard surfaces and 150 for hard surfaces.

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The Purpose Of Pre-Purchase Inspections

To make sure the purchase of your new home goes unhindered by nasty surprises Enell highly recommends getting a full and factual pre-purchase inspection done. These comprehensive reports are designed to be easy to understand, with photographic evidence of any areas of concern and will place you in a better position to negotiate with the seller, or, at the very least will bring to light any repairs that are needed to be carried out.

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What Does The Building Survey Cover?

Pre-Purchase Inspections, or Building Surveys, are a non-invasive way of looking for and identifying possible problems with a property. Our experienced inspectors will look over the building from the bottom to the top and assess:




Fences / Exterior walls ( and linings where possible)


Heating systems






Subfloor structure


Exterior cladding


Exterior joinery






Drainage / External Downpipes


Doors and windows


Roof Space / Exterior Roof


Testing For Moisture

You may see a slight crack in a wall, or a sag in a roof when you view a potential new home but do you know what the reasons are for these faults? Our inspectors have years of industry knowledge and are able to pinpoint the reasons for defects.

Saving Money With A Building Inspection

Moving is a very expensive time, a pre-purchase inspection report would most definitely pay for itself should a major repair such as a leaky water tank that needs replacing be found. The seller may not even be aware of many repairs that need doing. If a tank needs to be renewed for example, you are in a perfect position to negotiate for a replacement before you sign. Sellers are normally happy to do whatever is needed to secure a sale. In this example they are happy, and you save around a thousand dollars that a new tank would have cost you, everyone wins. Any signs of damp, or water damage can be investigated and reported upon, spotting a leaky building before a purchase can save you thousands of dollars as well a lot of stress.

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Pre Purchase Inspections

All Inspections include FREE Moisture Testing.


By attending, you will learn first hand about how the various components and systems of the house work together to create a safe and secure shelter for your family and we can provide an ongoing maintenance plan.

Areas of Inspection

Our building inspections include the following areas. All inspections are non-invasive:


retaining walls, fences, paths, driveways, decks, drainage.


ceilings, walls, floors, doors, windows, plumbing.

Sub Floor

piles, flooring, ground, plumbing, wiring, insulation, ventilation.


coverings, fixings, chimneys, flashings, guttering.


claddings, gables, barge board, soffits, fascias, windows, doors.

Roof Space

roof framing, insulation.
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